Ioannes Ruckers harpsichord
Ioannes Ruckers harpsichord 1632
Eugène Ermel & Fils square piano
Eugène Ermel & Fils square piano 1791
Hoeberechts & Groetaers square piano
Hoeberechts & Groetaers square piano 1824
L. Hoeberechts & Fils grand
L. Hoeberechts & Fils grand 1830
J. Groetaers & zonen upright grand
J. Groetaers & zonen upright grand 1830
D. Langenscheid square piano
D. Langenscheid square piano 1835
H. Lichtenthal grand piano
H. Lichtenthal grand piano 1835
Lichtenthal & Cie upright piano
Lichtenthal & Cie upright piano 1838
Vits, Tros & Boone upright piano
Vits, Tros & Boone upright piano 1841
Jean Dammekes upright grand
Jean Dammekes upright grand 1842
Stadeler upright piano
Stadeler upright piano 1845
Horstmann square piano
Horstmann square piano 1845
Spilborghs upright grand
Spilborghs upright grand 1845
Vogelsangs grand
Vogelsangs Grand 1850

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