Graf's business existed for only one generation and he was at the height of his carreer in 1835 when he won the golden medal for piano building at the "Gewerb-Produkten-ausstellung" in Austria. During that period he made over 100 pianos a year and exported them to many countries, but mainly to Italy and Germany. 

Technical data:

  • Inscription: CONRAD GRAF, Kaisel: Kön : Hof-Fortepianomacher WIEN, nachst der Carls-Kirche im Mondschein No 102
  • Compass: 6,5 octaves (CC-g'''')
  • Keyboard: naturals in ivory, sharps in ebony
  • Pedals: 4: keyboard shift - moderator - double moderator - dampers
  • Dimensions: L 245 cm / W 127 cm
  • Case: cherry
  • Serial number: 2006
  • Literature: The Colt Clavier Collection
  • Chris Maene Collection number: CM 21 360
  • Condition: restored to concert level, Chris Maene workshop 2019
  • Location: 3 - Museum headquarters "Piano's Maene" Ruiselede

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