Hoeberechts & Groetaers square piano, Brussels, 1824

After a training in London, Hoeberechts & Groetaers installed their workshop in Brussels in 1800. Very quickly they were counted among the most successful piano builders in the country. In 1818 they were granted the title Supplier of the King by Willem I. They paid a lot of attention to the cast, which is visible in this square piano. The instrument is supported by 4 griffins, a hybrid mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

Technical data:

  • Inscription: HOEBERECHTS & GROETAERS Facteurs de Forté Pianos de la Cour de S.M. Le ROI des Paysbas rue d'Orange à Bruxelles N°131 & 132
  • Compass: 6 octaves (FF-f'''')
  • Keyboard: naturals in ivory, sharps in ebony
  • Pedals: 4: harp - forte - celeste - bassoon
  • Dimensions: W 181 cm / D 76 cm
  • Case: mahogany
  • Serial number: 686
  • Chris Maene Collection number: CM 66 332
  • Location: 1 - Museum "Piano's Maene" Brussels

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