Around 1900 the harpsichord also gradually reappeared in various places in Germany. In 1906 Neupert started building harpsichords in Bamberg in his modest piano factory. He applied techniques from piano construction. He sold his harpsichords through the better-quality piano shops, which allowed a wide distribution. Between the two world wars he designed the concert harpsichord, model Bach. Until the 1960s, this type of harpsichord could be found in major concert halls and music universities around the world.   


Technical data:

  • Inscription: Neupert
  • Compass: two 5 octaves and 2 notes keyboards (FF-g''')
  • Keyboard: naturals in ebony, sharps in ivory-like plastic
  • Registers: lower manual: 8', 16' to 16' / upper manual: 4', 8', lute to 8' / manual coupler
  • Dimensions: L 260 cm / W 109 cm
  • Case: walnut satin
  • Serial number: 21207
  • Chris Maene Collection number: CM 17 232
  • Condition: playing condition
  • Location: 2 - Museum "Chris Maene Collection" Ruiselede

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