Due to the succes of the upright piano in Germany, Theodore Steinweg recommended that his family in New York manufacture upright pianos there as well. Steinway & Sons began making them in 1861.

After the death of two of his brothers, Theodore Steinway left for New York to support the company there. He had a huge influence on the further development of the upright piano in the US. In 1985, for the 150 th annuversery of their company, Grotrian Steinweg built a series of jubilee pianos with the same design as this upright.

Technical data:

  • Inscription: Steinway & Sons , Patent Action , New York. Braunschweig.
  • Compass: 7 octaves ( AAA-a’’’’)
  • Keyboard: naturals in ivory, sharps in ebony
  • Pedals: 2: una corda - forte
  • Dimensions: W 153 cm / D 66 cm / H 136 cm
  • Case: rosewood hand polished
  • Serial number: 25722
  • Chris Maene Collection number: CM 14 259
  • Location: 4 - Museum storage space Ruiselede

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